Are There Medical Tests To Diagnose Constipation?

Medical Tests To Diagnose Constipation
Published on 27th Oct, 2015

Constipation can happen to anyone and is a common condition. To confirm diagnosis of constipation, your doctor will ask about your symptoms and gather information about your medical history. Chronic
constipation, on the other hand, could require some specific tests for diagnosis...Read more

Caffeine and Constipation

Caffeine and Constipation
Published on 2nd Nov, 2015

The most common causes of constipation are a disruption of your regular routine diet and inadequate fibre intake. Chronic constipation, however, can be due to dehydration, a poor diet, stress, not enough exercise, certain medications (strong painkillers, antidepressants), and the pressure of other life activities that would lead you to ignore the urge to have a bowel movement...Read more

Complications of Constipation

Complications of Constipation
Published on 4th Nov, 2015

Constipation hardly ever causes any long-term health issues or complications. Constipation treatment is
usually very effective, especially if treatment is started immediately...Read more

Are Bananas A Cure Or Cause Of Constipation?

Are Bananas A Cure Or Cause Of Constipation?
Published on 19th Jul, 2016

Are bananas a cure or cause of constipation? Bananas, when it comes to constipation, actually have a dual effect. Therefore, the answer is astonishingly that bananas can be both a cure and a cause of constipation...Read more

Does Cheese Cause Constipation

Does Cheese Cause Constipation
Published on 17th Nov, 2015

Constipation occurs when you strain or have difficulty going to the bathroom and pass hard or small stools.
It’s generally thought to occur when you do not have at least three bowel movements in a week....Read more

Is All Fibre The Same For Constipation Relief?

Is All Fibre The Same For Constipation Relief
Published on 1st Dec, 2015

Constipation is usually the result of poor food choices, lack of fibre in your diet, and conditions like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)....Read more

Prunes and Constipation

Prunes and Constipation
Published on 8th Jan, 2016

Most people rarely have chronic constipation. Yet, as many as 20 percent of people over the age of 30 experience it during their lifetime......Read more

Stress And Constipation

Stress And Constipation
Published on 22rd Jan, 2016

Constipation can be the result of diet, lifestyle, medical conditions, medications, medical and psychiatric disorders. Stress can also cause constipation......Read more

The Best Exercises to Relieve Constipation

Yoga to Relieve Constipation
Published on 1st Feb, 2016

One common digestive problem is constipation. The good news, there is a natural remedy for constipation
that can help......Read more

Understanding The Symptoms of Constipation

Symptoms Of Constipation
Published on 5th Feb, 2016

Is your stool hard or like small pellets? Do you poop now only once per week rather than several times? If so, not to worry, you’re not alone. Constipation is common and many people experience it from time to time......Read more

The Difference between Acute Constipation and Chronic Constipation

Chronic and Constipation
Published on 24th Feb, 2016

Constipation isn't defined with one definition. Many patients have one or more symptoms, like infrequent stools (usually less than three a week)......Read more

The Squatting Technique To Relieve Constipation

Squatting Technique
Published on 2nd March, 2016

We typically grab a fibre bar, a Psyllium husk powder, or a stimulant laxative, like Dulcolax® when things get backed up......Read more

Types of Constipation

Types of Constipation
Published on 7th March, 2016

Constipation is among the most common digestive problems not only in Australia, but worldwide, and it can really make a person miserable. It not only can make you feel......Read more

What Are Stimulant Laxatives?

dulcolax stimulant laxatives
Published on 15th March, 2016

When it comes to polite conversation, constipation is usually a subject that is avoided at all costs.Read more

What Do Stools With Bad Odours Mean?

Bad Odours from Stools
Published on 21st March, 2016

Stools begin to form in the large intestine (your colon), which is connected to your digestive system.
Read more

These Tasty Foods May Help Relieve Constipation

These Tasty Foods May Help Relieve Constipation
Published on 20th May, 2016

Constipation affects a large number of people.  As a result, many people turn to constipation medication to find relief. Read more

Know the Foods that can Trigger Constipation

Foods that can Trigger Constipation
Published on 23rd March, 2016

Constipation - Though it may not be something many people are comfortable talking about, it is something
Read more

Understanding The Causes Of Constipation

Drink water for constipation relief
Published on 25th May, 2016

A common condition that occurs in the digestive tract is constipation. This makes it difficult for you to pass stool. Read more

Exercise: An Important Constipation Prevention

Exercise: An Important Constipation Prevention
Published on 27th March, 2016

Have your bowels become infrequent or are your stools hard, dry, and difficult to pass? Are you experiencing swelling or cramps in your abdominal area?
Read more

Why Is My Grandma Constipated?

Published on 4th Oct, 2016

Constipation can be characterised by having a hard time passing a stool or infrequent bowel movements. Your stools may also be like small hard lumps or dry Read more

5 Ways to Eat More Fresh Produce

Published on 6th Oct, 2016

When constipated, not everyone wants to turn to laxative tablets as their first remedy for constipation treatment. However, laxatives can provide effective relief of constipation
Read more

Why Do I Get Constipated When I Travel?

Published on 11th Oct, 2016

Feeling bloated and sluggish are a couple of things that holiday makers don't plan on, especially when you envisaged spending the best part of your break poolside. Read more