sudden constipation discomfort

Sudden Constipation Discomfort

Relief from painful constipation

Stomach pain

If you suffer from abdominal pain on the toilet, this could possibly be a sign of constipation. However, if the pain has a sudden onset or is severe, please seek medical help immediately.

Quick solution: laxatives

If natural household remedies and a healthy lifestyle don’t do the trick, a laxative can relieve the constipation and thus remove or lessen the cause of pain.

Painful passing of stool

When you experience abdominal discomfort while trying to pass a stool, this can be very painful. Often, it is only possible to pass the stools in small amounts and with great effort. Pushing hard and for a long time also pushes a lot of blood to the veins, which can cause tears in the mucus membrane or haemorrhoids.