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Hormones And Constipation

Oestrogen, menopause and thyroids.

Not just your life style and environment can have certain effects on your digestion. Even your gender makes you more or less inclined for constipation: Statistically, women suffer from constipation far more often than men do. However, it’s a regular digestive occurrence for both sexes.

The reasons for more women experiencing constipation are not fully clear, but scientists suspect there could be a connection with the female hormones oestrogen and progesterone. Both relax the muscles and calm womb activity during pregnancy. Reduced bowel activity could be a side effect of this.


Menopause involves major hormonal changes in your body and can cause a lot of stress. Your oestrogen production is reduced, altering the balance of your hormones. The way you experience this development is very distinct, but a slowing down of your bowels and associated constipation are possible and common side effects.