constipation in men

Constipation Advice For Men

Simple rules for your nutrition and lifestyle

Eating healthy

To help establish a healthy routine, it´s best try to eat at regular times where possible and add more fibre to your meals – for example with wholemeal pasta or rice, salad, or vegetables. Add fruit as a healthy snack to keep you going and you’ll be on the right track. Drinking adequate fluids is also important in avoiding constipation. Try to aim for 1-2 litres of water a day if possible.

Stay relaxed

When you're worried or stressed, your digestion also suffers sometimes to the point of painful constipation. There’s nothing wrong with talking to your friends and family about it to work out a solution. And, if work starts to gain the upper hand again, just remember: nothing is more important than your health.


You might have guessed: As with females, the classic symptoms of constipation in men are stomach pain, trapped wind and hard, dry stools. However, it may be best to pay a visit to your doctor to discuss these symptoms to determine the exact cause.

New rules

Exercise can be important in avoiding constipation. Just make sure its regular and your start slowly. You should also integrate a daily visit to the toilet in your routine. This will then become habit and helps you go to the toilet regularly and develop a healthy digestive cycle.


If you have a fever and severe pain, or blood in your stool, see a doctor as soon as possible.