How to prevent constipation

Constipation Prevention

So constipation doesn’t occur in the first place


More exercise

You don’t have to become a top athlete: about 30 minutes of light exercise a day is enough. If you find that difficult, start small and try to integrate exercise in the fresh air into your daily routine. Go out on your bike, do some sport with friends or go for a walk.


Try to eat and drink regularly: stable eating habits and fixed mealtimes help your digestive system. One of the best ways to begin your day is with a high-fibre breakfast involving fruit and muesli. Drink 1-2 litres of water, tea or juice a day and try to add fibre-rich elements to your other meals, too – wholemeal pasta or rice, salad or some vegetables, for example. Making your own fruit or vegetable sticks with a dip is an ideal healthy snack to keep you going and avoid constipation.

Fixed habits

If possible, visit the toilet at a fixed time, for example straight after breakfast. This way it becomes a habit. And if you need to go, don’t hang around – even if you’re out and about. Take as long as you need to find relief on the toilet.


If you’re worried about something or have a problem, talk to your family and friends about it and work out a solution. If you find yourself under a lot of pressure, consider learning one or more relaxation techniques such as meditation or yoga. Always remember, no work is more important than your health.