Constipation side effects

Constipation As A Side Effect

Many medicines also affect digestion

Some medicines, but some medicines can also cause constipation. Actually it’s a common side effect of medication that affects the nervous system. The explanation is simple: The movement that pushes the stool out of your body is controlled by nerves that line the colon, which are sensitive to some medications.

General pain relief

Is there codeine in your painkillers? This can sometimes slow down your bowel movement which can lead to constipation. If it's troublesome, have a chat with a pharmacist or your doctor about other types of pain medication you can try.

Iron supplements

If you are taking iron supplements, this may cause constipation and other digestive issues associated with dry stools. In this case, it may be sensible to switch products or discuss stopping taking the supplements entirely with your doctor. You then need to take on the required quantities of iron through your diet – for example nuts and dried fruits. They not only provide the additional energy needed for breastfeeding, they also loosen your bowel motions – as long as you also drink enough: 2-3 litres of liquid a day is ideal.


Some remedies for heartburn or indigestion which contain aluminium can slow down your system and cause constipation. There are different types of remedies you can try which don't contain aluminium, so speak with your doctor or pharmacist about alternatives.

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