Understanding Constipation

Useful Facts

Useful Constipation Facts

Constipation can be a natural, if somewhat uncomfortable, reaction to things in your life. For instance, it can be a result of the hormonal changes associated with menopause or of giving birth – or even the psychological impact of travel and being away from familiar environments to “take care of business.”

Stress can also be one of the causes of constipation. Fortunately, exercise and relaxation can help to provide constipation relief when stress is the cause. Medications and supplements, like the iron supplements prescribed to expectant mothers, can also cause constipation. Eating the right foods on a regular schedule can go a long way toward helping you avoid future bouts of constipation.

The more you arm yourself with the facts about constipation, the better prepared you will be to treat your own constipation and any constipation your family experiences along the way.